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Playing Pokemon Go can boost health, says doctor

By Ella Pickover

Pokemon Go has a "tantalising side-effect" of increased exercise for players, according to an article in a leading medical journal.

The game is not marketed as a health app, but gamers do a lot of walking during play, the editorial in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) states.

The popular app has made the streets of Britain a "reclaimed playground in which to have interconnected fun", wrote the author, Glasgow GP Dr Margaret McCartney.

Dr McCartney highlights some of the pros and cons that have been reported since the game was launched.

One player walked 140 miles (225km) and lost two stone (12.7kg) while collecting all of the characters, she said, highlighting claims that the app could ease the burden of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Dr McCartney also highlights some of the problems that have emerged, including emergency services having to rescue players from caves or the sea and teens who were robbed at gunpoint.

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