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Pokemon Go app brings shares boost for Nintendo

By Ben Woods

Shares in computer games giant Nintendo have surged for the second day straight after investors sweetened to its Pokemon GO smartphone app.

The technology firm saw its share price close up 24.5% to 20,260 Japanese yen (£152.28) on Monday, as it recorded its biggest gain since revealing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1983.

The launch of Pokemon GO - which has topped the gaming charts in the United States - is Nintendo's first foray into the mobile gaming market, and has helped add £5.8bn to its market value.

The app was released in America on July 6 and sees gamers trying to catch monsters which spawn in real-life neighbourhoods on their smartphone screens.

But it has fuelled questions as to how much money Nintendo will make from its success, as it was created by Pokemon Company and Niantic, two firms which Nintendo holds stakes in.

The app is also free, making money by asking gamers to buy additional content once they have started playing.

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