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Pokemon Go Kiwi man Tom Currie quits job in quest to catch them all

It's the app that has the world roaming their cities on a quest to catch Pokemon - but for one man he felt his job was holding him back from catching them all.

The addictive new smartphone game uses street maps of a player's real life location.

Animated Pokemon characters appear on the maps, which a player must physically go to in order to 'catch' them.

Tom Currie from New Zealand quit his job as a barista and bartender at a seaside restaurant near Auckland to dedicate his time to completing the game.

So far he has caught 91 of the 151 Pokemon available in the game.

When he resigned he didn't initially tell his boss his intentions - but when his story hit the news, he gave him a courtesy call to update him.

He told BBC Newsbeat: "My dad sent through a text message saying he always knew I would be famous."

He added: "I get to walk around and explore towns I've never been to.

"I have been meeting heaps of people, tourists travelling the country and other Pokemon trainers at the small (sometimes huge) public gatherings.

"When you and your friends have to physically go for a walk or run to catch a rare Pokemon in the area and you all catch it, that is definitely a highlight."

Meanwhile police in Northern Ireland issued a warning after a road user was caught trying to catch Pokemon in her car with her little sister while driving along at a dangerously slow 15mph.

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