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Police bust driver who was playing Pokemon Go

By Sam Russell

Police in Essex caught a man playing Pokemon Go while driving, it has been revealed.

The 27-year-old, from east London, was reported for driving while using a mobile phone after officers spotted him playing the game while behind the wheel of a silver Lexus at Lakeside Retail Park in Thurrock.

The offender, whose car was travelling at about 20mph, was stopped at approximately 1.10pm on July 21 and given a ticket.

He could have points added to his licence or be told to go on a driver awareness course.

In a separate incident the following night, a black Mini was stopped in Basildon, also in Essex, because it was driving slowly with no lights on.

The four occupants - a girl and three boys - all in their late teens, said they had been looking for Pokestops, after which they were warned about their driving.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: "Life isn't a game - there are no rewind buttons, no second chances and no start again buttons."

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