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Remembering Mini Golf, the PC putting challenge that put other golf games to shame

Oh, hello memories.

The Open, hosted this year at Royal Birkdale in Southport, is steeped in history – but then, golfing computer games have a rich recent history of their own.

The computer game Mini Golf took the world by storm at the turn of the millennium, so we thought we’d dust off the virtual putter, polish a few virtual golf balls, and take the classic course for a spin once more.

Select your character


What a bunch of characters – sure, Jobe, Robert and Kelly all have good qualities, but who could look past Angela’s charisma?

Hole 1: Easy starter


Angela’s opted for the putter here, a wise course of action indeed. Par two is fair – there’s not much to get in Ange’s way on this one.

Note the empty benches – tickets didn’t exactly fly out the door.

Hole 5: Safety first


After a couple of birdies left her -3, the options have opened up for Angela on the tricky hole five.

A classic head-scratcher in a game which often tempts with more than one option, Ange plays it safe rather than risk the narrow puddle-threatened alley, and escapes with par.

Hole 7: Now we’re talking


You’ll not find one of these on the Royal Birkdale course – can Ange get her birdie streak going again on the seventh?

It’s possible to clip the conveyor belt off the first shot and take the hole-in-one, but Angela fails to judge the shot correctly.

She leaves herself with a more than satisfactory putt for birdie, which she makes to go -4, because she has nerves of steel.

Hole 8: Conveyor belt chaos


Like a John Lewis department store, you’ll struggle to get anywhere on this hole without using an escalator or two.

Another hole-in-one here is possible via the deft shot Angela has opted for, but she’s overcooked it slightly, and must once again settle for a birdie. The crowd murmurs to itself.

Hole 11: A hole lot of options



Angela racks her brain, considers everything she has learned until now, weighs up the importance of the situation, takes a deep breath, and putts.

She chooses wisely, and takes another shot off her card to go -7. Is there any stopping her?

Hole 17: Ramp it up


A recognisable hole to digital golfers the world over, the 17th boasts a ramp that leaves you with the narrowest of margins. A caddy would advise aiming for the sand to slow the ball down, but Angela’s got better ideas.

Rolling the ball up to the ramp, she plays the angles, buys a raffle ticket and wins. That’s another birdie for our Ange who moves to -8.

Hole 18: Can Angela finish strong?


While there are few fans in the stands, there are plenty on the course – par four? That seems a little steep.

Angela opts for the fan route, botches her second shot and ends up going to the clubhouse off the back of a bogey. Don’t approach her at the bar, she’ll not be happy with the way that round ended.

Can you better Ange’s score?


Can you beat Ange’s score of -7 par? Click here to play the game and find out.