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Review: Bulletstorm

It's not what you shoot, it's how you shoot it.

That's pretty much the premise for this raucous action-shooter affair that single-handedly shows that shooters these days don't only succeed on the basis of carefully thought-out stealth, strategy and team play.

At this game's heart is a brilliantly designed 'skillshot' system that rewards players for laying waste to enemies in the most imaginative ways possible.

From traditional take-downs to laugh-out-loud crude capitulations, the more insane the 'skillshot', the more points you'll collect to upgrade and unlock weapons, which in turn allows you to execute even more inventive moves and exaggerated kills.

Bulletstorm is gory, vulgar and completely over the top, but survives and shines through its cracking core gameplay mechanics.

And it's unlike any shooter you've played before...

Rating: 87%

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