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Revolutionary car seat cocoons children

‘Carkoon’ a university-based life saving company has unveiled an innovative new car seat for babies and children that offers more protection in the event of a vehicle collision by literally cocooning the child.

Carkoon offers an extra layer of protection when detecting a collision by deploying a quirky, shell-like cover that is fire resistant and activates in 50 milliseconds.

The egg-shaped seat has also incorporated ‘swivel’ technology that allows parents to fasten the child’s seatbelt while sitting in the driver or passenger seat – allowing them to turn the seat to a safer rear view position after securing the child.

The seat even boasts an ‘Emergency Beacon Transmitter’ that allows a GPS to automatically alert the emergency services to your location.

“With our rapidly advancing motor industry, cars are becoming faster and further advanced in their safety aspects, but car seats are not moving at the same pace – until now,” said the creators.

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