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Self-image worries of social network kids

By PA Reporters

Children who are heavy users of social media are less happy about their appearance than those who never use Facebook and Twitter, according to a leading study supported by the Government.

The survey of 3,500 children, aged 10 to 15, found only 53% who were on social networks for more than three hours a night said that they were happy with their appearance, compared to 82% for non-users. Girls were twice as likely as boys to say that they used social networks for such long periods, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Heavy users of social media are also more likely to argue with their parents - 44% who go online for more than three hours said they quarrelled with their mum more than once a week. The figure was nearly half that for light and non-users.

The figures also show that 17% of heavy users are bullied a lot or quite a lot, compared to just 11% of light users.

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