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Six of the best cycling gadgets

Inspired by Team GB’s efforts on the Rio roads and track in Rio? Up your cycling game with these ‘wheely’ awesome gadgets

By Abi Jackson

Want all the kit, but don't want your bike to resemble the cycling equivalent of Dick Van Dyke's one-man-band get-up in Mary Poppins? Or to get too weighed down with gadgets hanging off every spare inch?

Well, you can tick two big boxes with a Cycliq Fly light-camera combo. Hot on the heels of the rear-facing Fly 6, the recently-launched front-facing Cycliq Fly 12 features a powerful 400 Lumen light (with multiple modes), and captures HD video via the inbuilt camera. Change settings and upload and edit footage on your device instantly via Bluetooth (you can overlay Strava data, maps and tramlines indicating proximity to traffic etc too, should you wish). With 10 hours' battery life (reduces if using the light), you can practically film a whole day of riding.

ZWIFT, from £8 a month (

If you are going to be training indoors, why not make it a bit more exciting - and less lonely - and pretend you're actually whizzing along scenic roads or taking part in an iconic race? ZWIFT lets you bring the outdoors in, immersing you and your bike into 3D landscapes - all you need is a suitable screen device (laptop or TV with HDMI cable) and a turbo with ANT+ connectivity/Bluetooth. Your avatar mimics your effort levels, and you can arrange to ride with friends, whether they're the other side of town or the other side of the world (providing they're set up with the kit, too), and race against strangers. At present there are 14 routes (including the newly-added Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100), plus other workout-specific options/power tests. The attention to detail and 'realness' is superb. Check out the free 14-day trial. You'll be hooked.

GoPro HERO Session, £159.99 (

Whatever your action-capturing needs, chances are there's a GoPro perfect for the job. As the most compact and lightweight model yet, this one's ideal for cyclists. Expect all the usual GoPro boons - excellent visual and sound quality, range of settings - plus you can choose from handlebar, helmet or under-seat mounts (sold separately), and vitally, the one-button control means it's quick and easy to operate in motion.

MIO Cyclo 505 HC GPS Cycling Computer & Sat Nav, £399, MIO (

Looking to upgrade your cycling computer? The MIO Cyclo 505 is hard to beat. It monitors all your performance data, including cadence, heart-rate, power output and calorie-burn, which you can synchronise with your device speedily with WiFi, but that's just for starters.There's a range of options for tailoring workouts, whether you want to plot your own or choose from pre-set plans, and you can monitor progress via the dashboard screen. Along with GPS/Satnav, cycle routes and road maps are pre-installed, and there's a 'Surprise Me' mode if you fancy letting the computer do the navigating and discovering new routes in your area. A lot going on, but the well-designed menu layout means it's user-friendly.

Nite Lze SpokeLit LED Cycle Light £7.95, Whitby & Co (

Safety is paramount when it comes to cycling in the dark, but sensible doesn't have to mean dull. These snazzy LED lights take seconds to attach to wheel spokes and create whirly rings of light when you're in motion, upping your visibility and cool ratings (well, we think so). Choose from the 'glow' or 'flashing' settings, with battery run time of 20 and 25 hours respectively. Available in green, blue, red or multi-coloured 'disco'.

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