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Six of the best e-readers

By Polly Weeks

The summer holidays are upon us and whether you want to read by the pool or to encourage the kids to keep up with their books while they're away from school, there are some great options.

Kobo Aura H2O Waterproof E-Reader,


If you're heading on a resort-style holiday, this device will appeal.

The Kobo Aura H2O model, is, as you can probably tell by the name, waterproof.

In fact, it's not just waterproof, it's dust and sandproof, too - making it the perfect accessory for the beach.

We really like the 'ComfortLight' facility - it makes it really easy to adjust the light depending on what your requirements are.

The screen is 6.8 inches, while there's 4GB of internal memory.

If required, there's also a slot for a 32GB micro SD card.

Amazon's Kindle models really have cornered the e-reader market and this one, their top-of-the-range model, highlights why. Granted it's pricey, but for the frequent traveller who fears the baggage scales because of the number of books in their luggage, it could be a good investment.

So why does it cost so much more than other models? Well, it's all about the ease of use. The book cover holds charge, so every time you close it, you'll be giving the battery in your kindle a boost, meaning you can go for months without having to charge it up. On top of that, it's super thin and the clarity of the paper-white display is hard to beat.

When it comes to e-reader screens, it's really hard to beat the Illumina XL.

For a start, it's eight inches (most of the others on the market are around the six-inch mark) and there's a crispness to the page that doesn't come at the expense of eye strain.

It also runs on Android and so includes access to the Google Play store.

Not only can you download the Kindle app and purchase and read books from Amazon, you can also download other apps, essentially giving it tablet-like qualities.

VTech DigiGo,


Think e-readers aren't for kids? This great VTech model dispels that thought.

Targeted towards children aged three to seven, it's not your average e-reader.

In fact, its ebook capabilities - where you can download books from VTech's 'Learning Lodge' - is just the start of things. Children can message you through your smartphone, there's a 4.3-inch touch screen and also a camera which is capable of taking both photos and videos.

There are also games to be downloaded. If they take this on holiday, it could allow you to enjoy a book or two while they're fully absorbed with their own tech.

If you like the ease of Kindles, but don't want to spend a lot, this is a good option.

It comes with enough storage for thousands of books (4GB), has a touch screen and it's easy to transfer the books from the store on to your device (you can do this wirelessly).

Give it a good four-hour charge before taking it on holiday and it's highly unlikely you'll need to charge it up again on your fortnight away.

The big selling point of this e-reader is its rather spectacular HD display. Yet that's not the only plus point.

There's something about it that's just so darned comfortable to hold.

It's probably due to the rubber backing that gives it an easy grip, but also, because you can hold it in one hand - lovely if you've got a cocktail in the other.

It's simple to upload books and the anti-glare screen is a great asset, too.

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