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Six of the best sleep gadgets

Struggling to get some shut-eye? Gemma Dunn rounds up the gizmos promising to help you snatch forty winks

If counting sheep isn't doing the trick, it's about time you give one of these nifty masks a shot.

Into the Blue

Sound Oasis GLO to SLEEP Deluxe Sleep Mask, £32.90,

Perfect for those with an overactive mind come bedtime, the clever gadget emits a soft blue light, which, when focused on, will begin to slow your mind, relieve stress and have you drifting into a deeper, restful slumber.

Better still, there's no need for batteries.

Simply hold the inside of the mask to a light source for 60 seconds to recharge and voila, nap time.

Sounding off

Philips Wake-Up Light, £130,

If the sound of your morning alarm has you hiding under the covers, invest in a wake-up call that won’t leave you one beep from a breakdown.

The Philips Wake-Up Light is a lamp-come-radio-alarm inspired by nature’s sunrise.

In the mornings, the light gradually increases across a 30-minute period to stimulate your body to wake up naturally, before a soothing natural sound - pick from bird song, birds in the forest, piano music and seaside sounds - completes the oh-so serene experience.

Staying on track

Lumie Bodyclock ACTIVE 250, £99.95,

Ever tire of the, 'I'm not a morning person', and, 'I didn't sleep well last night', chat?

Well there's help out there in the form of Lumie Bodyclock Active 250. Dubbed a 'dawn simulator', this handy bedroom gadget uses increasing natural light to get you up in the mornings - complete with snooze, a dawn chorus or rooster call; and a sunset (with sun ray effect) to enable you to wind down at night.

Keeping your sleep cycle on track, there's FM radio, a white noise setting, wave sounds to lull you to sleep, dimmable lighting and even a security option to ward off trouble if you're away.

Wear it well

Fitbit Flex, £79.99,

Sticking to what it says on the tin, Fitbit Flex is the only wireless wristband you need - tracking your steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes by day; and sleep cycle by night.

Trained to help you get your zeds, simply set it to sleep mode via the device, your online dashboard or the Fitbit mobile app when you're ready for the land of nod, and post-snooze you will have data that measures how long you slept, the number of times you woke up and how you can sleep better.

And don't expect a noisy wake-up call: its silent wake-up alarm gently vibrates to stir you at your chosen time, without disturbing your partner.

A home brew

iKettle 2.0, £99.99,

A steaming hot brew is a morning staple, but why wait to get out of bed to get your beverage started?

With the app-controlled iKettle 2.0 - the suped-up sequel to the iKettle - you can boil your pot whilst cocooned in your duvet by selecting 'Wake Up Mode', which will draw you from your slumber with the question: 'Good Morning. Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes/No'.

For the connoisseurs out there, the brewing feature allows you to select a temperature between 20-100C and it will keep the water warm until you're ready for a drink.

Sleep on it

Sound Asleep iMusic Pillow, £14.95,

If music sends you to sleep but your snoozy plans are often scuppered by the fact headphones - of any kind - are both impractical and pretty darn uncomfy to wear in bed, this iMusic Pillow could be the answer to your dreams. Quite literally.

All you need to do is connect your source of music - iPod, phone, TV or otherwise - via a discreet cable, and the in-built pillow speakers will have you drifting off in no time, without annoying anyone else in the room.

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