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Sky’s 3D Premier League football revolution kicks off

Sunday's Premier League football match between Arsenal and Manchester United will be the world's first live 3D TV sports broadcast, Sky said today.

Football fans at nine pubs in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin will don shades to become the first audiences anywhere in the world to watch live 3D sport.

The top-of-the-table clash at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium will be the public's first taste of live 3D football ahead of Sky's dedicated 3D channel launching in April.

As the number of 3D TVs arriving in the UK increases, Sky promises to broadcast a weekly 3D Premier League game to hundreds more pubs this spring. And in the home, its 1.6 million Sky+HD customers will be able to watch the 3D channel at no extra charge.

On Sunday Sky will transmit two live feeds — one to its traditional Sky Sports customers and another in 3D.

Two separate commentary teams, two camera crews and two production teams will produce the simultaneous broadcasts. Ex-Gunner Alan Smith and commentator Alan Parry will be the first voices of live 3D sport.

Darren Long, Sky Sports’ director of operations, likened the 3D revolution to TV's last great technological leap.

He said: “When we moved from black and white to colour it was one of those amazing things that people would go and rush to see. Now, what we're doing with 3D is we're bringing that depth that you've never had before.”

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