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Sony reveals ‘holographic’ display - no 3D glasses needed

Sony is showing off a new prototype display capable of 360 degree 3D images at Siggraph in LA.

The new 360º autostereoscopic display allows users to view full colour volumetric objects from all angles, as if objects really exist, but no 3D glasses are required to see the image.

The RayModeler 3D display uses LED light forces and can show 360 unique images, in 24-bit full color, to all directions in one-degree separations.

The device uses a series of cameras that circle the object being recorded, allowing broadcasts to have true depth, unlike current 3D offerings.

A Sony spokesperson said: "We can sense the depth of the object because our left and right eyes see different images."

The display has a digital-video input port for connection to computers or other devices. It is also equipped with a gesture sensor to allow users to move and interact with the object inside the cylindrical display.

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