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Streamable Premier League goals removed from video sharing sites and made unavailable on Reddit

One of the most popular ways of watching Premier League football videos appears to be in the process of getting shut down.

Streamable is a site that allows people to host video content online and then share that link with others — a technology that was often used to share goals and other highlights from football matches. But videos from games in the English Premier League appear to be getting removed, apparently as part of a new copyright crackdown.

Games from outside of the Premier League appear to be staying up, according to online reports. As well as matches from English games, the site is used for leagues including the Eredivisie, La Liga and Ligue 1, all of which seem to have existing  Streamable videos.

The Premier League has been working hard to stop the sharing of videos in ways that infringe copyright. That has included banning livestreaming from games, as well as cracking down on the sharing of videos in Vine form — once one of the most popular ways to watch and then share highlights from games.

The decision to now ban Streamable has provoked anger across the internet — particularly on Reddit, where it is often used to share and then discuss highlights. It meant that many of the most popular posts on the Soccer forum immediately stopped working, for instance.

Many speculated that the decision could push users towards other services, like gfycat, which can also store videos for sharing. That service and others like it only share animated pictures of games, rather than videos including sound.


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