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Technology is 'putting motorists' lives at risk'

By Cristina Criddle

Technology is putting millions of distracted drivers in danger, according to a report.

Research revealed that two million Britons have experienced an accident or near-miss because their attention was on technology.

Technology was responsible for distracting 57% of drivers - causing 1.4 million drivers to swerve to avoid an oncoming vehicle and around 1.25 million to run a red light.

The firm warned that a rise in super-tech cars with in-car screens and complimentary Netflix subscriptions could make it harder for motorists to focus on driving.

Five seconds looking away from the road while driving at 30mph can result in a car travelling over 50 metres.

On the motorway, where a car is travelling at the national speed limit (70 mph), a car could travel 160 metres while the driver's gaze is elsewhere. A more traditional action, changing the radio station, was the biggest distraction for modern drivers.

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