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Teens are facing 'addiction struggle' with technology


Addiction: Tech teens

Addiction: Tech teens

Addiction: Tech teens

Teenagers may face a lifelong struggle with addiction because of their perpetual use of modern technology - and parents are helping to maintain the habit.

As many as 83% of UK teenagers would struggle to give up vices such as texting, drinking alcohol and using social media for a month, according to a new report.

When asked which behaviours they could abstain from, young people said they would most struggle to live without texting (66%) followed by social networking (58%), junk food (28%) and alcohol (6%).

The average teen checks social media 11 times a days, sends 17 text messages, equating to once every 1.5 hours they are awake, said the report.

The study, released by Allen Carr Addiction Clinics, questioned 1,000 teens aged between 12 and 18. It highlighted a trend of thrill-seeking in a growing number of young people, mostly carried out through social media.

The report also suggested parents were inadvertently becoming "co-dependents", enabling their child's addictions by funding them.

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