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Telebest: Beach gadgets from Rip Curl Surf Watch to bluetooth earbuds

Dude, hit the surf in style with these gadgets - they'll make success on the waves a shore thing.

Trace GPS Tracker, £199.94,

Want to know exactly how far you paddled to catch that wave, or how high that air was?

This little gizmo is 100% waterproof and attaches to your board without getting in the way, keeping track of every movement you make while surfing.

It records data on speed, calories burned, heights reached and matches the data with GPS maps of the waves you were catching.

The battery lasts for a full day, so, when you're back on the beach, there'll still be juice to analyse your day on the ocean, and work out how to improve next time you hit the water.

Rip Curl SearchGPS Smart Surf Watch, £238.45, Amazon

Touted as the 'world's first GPS surf watch', this gadget obviously doesn't just tell the time.

In fact, Rip Curl has developed a timepiece that will note the top speed you reach on your board, count the number of waves you catch and how far you manage to travel on each of them and pinpoint your exact location in the ocean.

Then, when you get home, you can upload all the data the watch has collected to relive the day's surf and share and compare it with friends.

TrackR, £24.99, (Available from John Lewis)

TrackR's co-founder Chris Herbert came up with the idea for this tracker after his car keys fell out of his wetsuit on the beach - it took a metal detector to find them again.

The coin-sized TrackR can be attached to any item you're worried about losing, so if it goes missing, you can use the corresponding TrackR app to locate it.

But you don't just have to use it to locate your keys - try attaching it to your beach bag if you're leaving it on the sand while you surf, your board if you're going out for a leash-free swim or your wallet if you want to be certain you can grab a post-surf drink.

GoPro Hero Session, £159.99, Halfords

If you want a camera that is mini, almost indestructible, that can attach to your board and won't miss a moment of you carving it up out on the water, you can't go wrong with a GoPro Hero.

You'll need to buy a separate GoPro mount for your board (from £19.99,, but then you'll be off, capturing super high resolution video footage and stunning time lapse images of your surf, which you can then upload wirelessly.

Misfit Ray, £79.99, (Available from Argos)

Being waterproof up to 50m, this fitness tracker will tot up how hard you're working on your board, including distances travelled and calories burned.

You can also use it to set an alarm if you fancy a dawn surf, and sync it with the free Misfit Link app to take selfies on the water to send to jealous mates stuck at work.

The battery can last up to six months, so you don't have to faff around charging it, and it's quite pretty too, coming in a range of colours, from forest green to rose gold.

VerveRider+ wearable Bluetooth earbuds by Motorola, £79.99,

Bobbing about on your board on a calm day, you might as well be able to take calls and listen to music.

That’s where these wireless earbuds from VerveRider+ come in.

Sweat and waterproof, the nifty collar design also means they’re less likely to fall off, even if you get wiped out by a massive wave.

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