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Top websites get their teeth into illegal goods

Internet sites have withdrawn potentially dangerous illegal tooth-whitening products from sale following an investigation.

Amazon, eBay and Google agreed to stop the goods being advertised on their pages after being alerted by consumer watchdog Which?

A European Union regulation adopted last year bans the sale of tooth-whitening products containing more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide or chemicals which release hydrogen peroxide.

The limit was introduced in response to concerns that the chemical could damage teeth, lips or gums. Stuart Johnston, from the British Dental Association, said high doses of hydrogen peroxide can burn the lining of the mouth.

An eBay spokeswoman said: “We took action immediately and have built filters and appropriate structures into our system to address this issue.”

An Amazon spokesman said: “These items were offered by third-party sellers on our Amazon.co.uk Marketplace platform and have been removed from sale.”

A Google spokesman added: “We have a set of policies which govern what ads we do and do not allow. If we discover such ads we will take appropriate action.”

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