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Twitter down: website and mobile app crash for a second time in a day


Twitter users were met with an error message.

Twitter users were met with an error message.

Twitter users were met with an error message.

Twitter experienced its second outage on Tuesday, sparking concern the micro-blogging site has been hacked.

Reports surfaced that the site crashed at 8.20am on Tuesday with users met with a "something is technically wrong".

The site returned, all be it with minor issues at around 10am.

Again, just at around 1pm the site was unavailable for many.

"Thanks for noticing - we're going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon," repeated the error message.

The Twitter status page made no mention of the latest problems.

While its developer page said there was a service disruption across three of its five main applications.

The website Down Detector, which tracks outages on major websites, reported a rapid increase in outages at 1pm.

That figure rapidly declined at around 1.30pm.

Users reported getting back onto the site, but experienced trouble posting tweets or seeing images correctly.

Twitter was first launched in 2006 and has around 230million users worldwide.

This morning's problem was one of the longest-lasting in the micro-blogging site's almost 10-year history.

Twitter is still yet to officially confirm it has resolved the issue, or comment on what caused it.

Though short, regular blackouts were common in the early days of the site - an Apple live event caused it to crash under the weight of traffic in 2008 - extended outages have become less frequent in recent years, with the last major drop in service occurring in 2014 when the site was down for around 45 minutes.

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