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Tycoons in Belfast are among 'Uk's least tech-savvy'

By Staff Reporter

Belfast business owners and entrepreneurs have been named as some of the least tech savvy in the UK, missing out on innovative ways to improve their businesses.

A survey of small business owners, carried out by, found just one in 50 entrepreneurs who have developed an app for their business are based in Belfast, compared to cities such as Birmingham (one in seven) and Bristol (one in three).

Nick Barnett, chief executive of, said cities apart from Belfast were in a position to close in on the capital when it comes to embracing new technologies.

He added: "There is a slower take-up in Belfast.

"This could be because there is still a perception that tech tools like apps are expensive optional extras, when in reality they can actually replace traditional marketing or sales methods and prove more effective when today's consumers spend so much of their time on their mobile devices."

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