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Video: Oh Reddit, why does Bill Gates love you so?

In Gates’ first interview since transitioning from Microsoft’s chairman to a technology advisor role, he spoke about his favorite hobbies and gadgets, offered advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and reiterated his commitment to countless charitable causes across the globe. Here are seven of our favorite takeaways.

Last year a Reddit user, known only as Rachel on the site, got Gates as her secret Santa.

She said she even felt sorry for her secret Santa who “sounded like a friendly fellow”  - who had a long list to choose from.

To her surprise, she got a stuffed animal. She was further gobsmacked when she found out her gift giver was Bill Gates.

She said, in a Reddit post: “I thought Bill sounded like a friendly fellow.”

“In fact, I had this whole image of this poor guy named Bill trying to navigate my wishlist full of makeup, nail polish, glittery things to buy me. Quite frankly, I felt bad for this ‘Bill.’”

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Then she opened her package and read the card.

“The first thing I noticed was a stuffed animal,” she said in her post. “I didn’t know I gave off the stuffed animal vibe, but I excitedly added him to my collection of teddy bears and other delightful friendly creatures. Next, I found the card. To me, from Bill.”

Then, she read the card.

Mr Gates wrote: "My secret present to you is a cow."

But he said: "Don't worry - you will not have to build a barn. This cow will be given to a family in need, in your name..."

"It will provide them with income and dairy products, and it will help them help themselves."

Rachel said on Reddit how she “freaked” when she saw Mr Gates’s thank-you note.

“I am so very, very grateful for the amazing and thoughtful gift you have picked for me! Not only is the gift PERFECT from anyone, but I am sincerely very appreciative that you took the time to find something so fitting for me,” she wrote.

The philanthropist billionaire also gave Rachel the National Geographic’s “Journeys of a Lifetime.”