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We try out six of the best budget smartphones for you

By Polly Weeks

You don't have to spend an absolute fortune on your mobile. These smartphones all come in at under £150.


Vodafone Smart 6 Prime 5.0” 4G Ready Smartphone on PAYG with Case, £70,

Ease of use is the name of the game with this phone. It's simple to operate, comes with a good solid case, so you won't have to make an additional purchase, and the phone itself has great functions.

The 5" screen is crystal clear, and it comes with an 8mp camera and HD video recording. There's 1GB storage capacity and you can pop a microSD (up to 64GB) into it to ensure you don't run out of room when taking your summer snaps.

It does come with a sim card, but if you have an existing Vodafone one, you can just use that instead.


Microsoft Lumia 650, £125.99,

Given this is a Microsoft model, you won't be surprised to read that with this phone, you can sync the files on your phone with your Windows 10 PC (you can pay for a subscription for Microsoft Office).

This makes it a good option if you're looking for a phone that will also work as your personal assistant.

Use the voice-activated Microsoft Cortana and set reminders so you never miss a meeting again.

It comes with an internal memory of 16GB and it allows you to store an additional 200GB via micro SD.


Sim Free Bush Spira E2X Mobile Phone — Black, £129.95 down from 149.95,

This is one of those phones that, after playing with it for a couple of days, you'll wish you'd got it ages ago. It slips in just below the £150 mark, but its capabilities make it feel like it should cost a whole lot more.

It's all about speed with this phone - it has 2GB of Ram and really does keep things moving - whether you're swapping between apps or connecting to the internet. On top of that, it's got 16GB of internal memory and you can add to this with a 32GB SD card.

The screen even comes with gorilla glass, so is less likely to smash. It's a real high-quality device.


Samsung Galaxy J5, £149,

It's no secret that Samsung make great smartphones, but you might be surprised to hear you can get one for just £149.

This model offers up a solid 18 hours of talk time, but that's not its only asset. As with other Samsungs, the colours are lovely and deep and, as such, the 5" screen offers really good clarity.

It takes 13mp photos and comes with 8GB of storage. The 8GB of RAM makes the phone very efficient and its got a Super AMOLED screen to help keep it scratch-free.

Love the gold colour? It's exclusive to Carphone Warehouse.


HTC Desire 530, £119.99,

Looks aren't everything but it must be said, the Desire 530 with its speckled exterior, really is a thing of beauty. However, HTC haven't stopped there; its capabilities are attractive, too.

When you turn it on, it will immediately take you through the setup, so within a few minutes, you'll have it just how you like it.

You can really personalise this phone how you want it. Click on the 'Themes' icon and you'll be well on your way.

What's particularly impressive with this model is its sound - even the most bass-heavy of tunes won't be tinny, or distorted, with the HTC BoomSound Dolby Audio Profile. Finally, it's nice and lightweight. A good phone, especially for younger users.


Obi Worldphone MV1 2GB RAM 16GB Internal Storage UK SIM-Free Smartphone - White, £119,

This sturdy bit of kit looks different to any other smartphone on the market, but then, when you consider it's the work of ex-Apple CEO John Sculley and designer of Beats by Dre headphones Robert Brunner, it's not all that surprising.

At just £119, this new-to-the-market phone impresses with both its tech and price tag.

This phone has been carefully considered, from the sunlight display that sees the screen brightness automatically adjust depending on the ambient light, to the rich audio it produces.

Its most impressive selling point, though, is the camera - the 8mp photos really do reflect the colours and tones of whatever you're snapping.

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