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We try six of the best learning gadgets on the market

Whether you are returning to the office, classroom or university lecture hall after the summer holidays, these devices will get you back into the mood for education.


Challenger Laptop, £27.99,

For young learners who want to feel all grown up, this little laptop will do the trick. Suitable for ages four plus, it includes games and activities that focus on maths, music, vocabulary and even French - all at key stages one and two. It comes with a mouse and the keyboard is Qwerty, so they really will feel like they're playing on mum and dad's computer. The screen is actually pretty small, however that's not a negative. It just means it won't be overwhelming for younger users. They'll love the feel and size of the tech, and you'll love the price. 


Acer Iconia Tab 8 W, £119.99,

Whether you're a professional designer or an art student, scrap your sketchbook now. The Acer Iconia Tab 8 W comes with Precision Plus3 technology, which means you can draw - even using a pencil - on the screen. The surface is so sensitive that just the lightest of touches are required. The tablet comes with Iconia Suite including EZ Note (specifically for sketching and note taking), and EZ Gadget which allows you to multitask. In addition to its arty credentials, it also features an 8-core processor, so whether you're watching films or playing games, it will flow effortlessly.


Crossword Plus, £49.95,

If you commute to work, get your brain working nice and early with these traditional games, which all come wrapped up in one lovely little gizmo. As you'll have guessed from the name, this does come equipped with a large database of crosswords ranging from easy to hard. However, the brain training doesn't end there. You'll find chess, Sudoku and checkers among others on this nifty device. It's powered by three AAA batteries, the screen is a good size, it comes with a back light and you can zoom in. In addition to that, it's small enough to fit in your bag (it's just 12cm long). 


Kano Kit, £119.99,

You've probably heard of the Raspberry Pi - the tiny little computer originally launched in 2012 by UK charity Raspberry Pi Foundation. The idea behind the device was to get school-age children (and adults, too), interested in computer science. The single-board computer is still going strong and, if you're yet to purchase one of the credit-card sized contraptions, you might be tempted by this build-it-yourself Kano kit. Not only does it come with Raspberry Pi 2, but also a DIY speaker, keyboard, cables, WiFi dongle and SD card. After putting the kit together (and connecting it to a screen) you'll be able to get coding. Great for children aged six plus. 


Star Theatre Planetarium, £109.99,

With light pollution often blocking our view of a clear night sky, this plug-in planetarium will impress those who want to improve their astronomy knowledge. Simply insert one of the two discs into the front of the ball-like device, turn off the lights and look up at the stars above, now flickering on your ceiling. Not only is this very relaxing, it's educational, too. One of the discs highlights all the common constellations - with lines connecting the stars in each one so you can see exactly what path they take.


Gamer Kit with Arduino, £65,

Okay, with this gadget you're going to need some tools to begin with. But, if you do possess a soldering iron, solder, putty, protective eyewear and snips, this could be the ideal gadget to get your teen away from their games console and building their own version. While the finished version will see them able to play classic games Snakes and Pong, it's the construction of the kit that makes this a great hands-on project. If, after a while, they are bored by the two games, they can code their own.

App of the week

Peak - Brain Training, free from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Think app games are just time-fillers? This one improves your brain power - all from playing six short games a day. Neuroscience, education and cognitive science experts helped design it, so, if you're keen to challenge your brain, this could be the app for you. Fun and easy to navigate, get the most out of it with in-app purchases that allow you to get a pro-version for a month or year.

Top 10 bestselling apps

1. Minecraft - Pocket Edition by Mojang

2. Five Nights at Freddy's 4 by Scott Cawthon

3. AirReceiver

4. Build Battle: mini game by Ogonite Apps

5. The Chase by Barnstorm Games

6. #1 Aagar by AppPlanet

7. Goat Simulator by Coffee Stain Studios

8.. Tipping Point by Barnstorm Games

9. Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows by Alawar Entertainment

10. Jurassic Craft by Dark Waters Games

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