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Weird websites owned by the BBC

You might expect a shady dating agency to be behind a couple of websites called www.desperate russianhousewives.co.uk and www.singlessos.co.uk — but they are run by the BBC.

The corporation has released a list of 154 of the internet domain names it operates, ranging from foreign language news to spoof tie-ins with TV programmes.

Some of the stranger web addresses registered by the BBC include www.coconutloving.com (promoting offbeat comedy The Mighty Boosh), www.bestmurders.co.uk (Psychoville) and www.watchagrownmanrot.co.uk (for EastEnders).

EastEnders is also linked to the website www.desperate russianhousewives.co.uk, and www.singlessos.co.uk is part of an online game for the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood.

The BBC released the details in response to a Freedom of Information request, but declined to reveal a full list of its websites.

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