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Why you might finally get round to printing off your phone snaps

Tech Review

By Adrian Weckler

Be honest: when is the last time you printed off a photo you really liked from your phone or social feed? If you're like me, it's something you're constantly 'about to get around to'. But the day never quite happens.

This is where a new wave of instant printers are really useful.

One that I've become attached to is Fuji's new Instax SP-3. It prints square photos (6cm x 6cm) on Polaroid-style paper (8.6cm x 7.2cm) with large white borders around the actual picture.

What I like is the quality of the prints. This looks way better than the photo paper I see coming from some small photo printers currently on the market. Colours are comparatively well-treated and there's decent detail with 318 dots per inch. That's not to say that it's perfect. As is common in small instant prints, there's a certain amount of washed-outness, meaning that the system defaults to a brightly exposed standard.

But in context, the square framing looks terrific and the overall finish is superb.

It takes between 10 and 15 seconds from when you tap 'print' on your phone to when you have the print in your hand (plus around another 60 to 90 seconds until it's fully developed).

It's nice and quiet, too, thanks to a new laser system that Fuji uses. One of the advantages to this mini-printer is that it can take shots directly from your social feeds (via the free Instax app for your phone).

Setting it up at first will probably lead to one or two misfires.

For example, when printing directly from a social media account such as Instagram, it unhelpfully crops the photo to include the time, date, Instagram account and number of likes the photo received, as well as the first two lines of whatever text you posted.

To remove it requires going into the edit sections each time.

This isn't a large device, but you'll notice it in a bag and it's a little too bulky for a pocket.

Overall, though, the SP-3 is a really excellent little printer.

  • The Fuji Instax SP-3 is £174.95 at

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