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WikiLeaks and Twitter go down after 'DDoS attack' following release of more John Podesta emails

Some believe the 'attacks' are designed to suppress a new WikiLeaks release about the Clintons

Twitters users around the world reported that the service was down early on Monday morning, shortly after WikiLeaks claimed to have been the subject of a cyber-attack.

According to a Twitter status monitor, the outage began at around 6.45am GMT and continued for around half an hour, though reports suggested the impact varied from user to user.

Reports of the outage peaked at almost 14,000, according to, which also suggested that many users were still experiencing problems in Japan more than a couple of hours later.

Twitter is yet to comment on the loss of service, and it has not been acknowledged via @twitter or @support.

The incident came shortly after WikiLeaks posted a message to its Facebook account claiming an ongoing denial-of-service attack on its servers.

It said: "We are still under a DoS attack on our e-mail publication servers and it appears that Twitter is down as well, we are unable to confirm if this is an attack on twitter at this time."

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Once they were able to get back on Twitter, some users were quick to link the two outages and the WikiLeaks release of a new set of John Podesta emails.

Those emails allege that Chelsea Clinton may have used Clinton Foundation funds to help pay for her wedding, according to a leaked email sent by Doug Band, a former top aide to Bill Clinton, to John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

Earlier this year, FBI agents argued the Clinton Foundation should be investigated for potentially giving donors special political access and favours.

Yesterday the agency said that the newly discovered emails warranted no new action against Clinton.

 “You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days,” Donald Trump told a campaign rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan, on Sunday evening.

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