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Windows 10 release date: Microsoft’s new operating system coming later this year


Microsoft hasn’t said exactly when the new OS will arrive, but it’ll probably be some time around April

Microsoft announced Windows 10, the new version of its operating system on Wednesday night — but stayed mostly quiet on the release date.

It said that the new software will be out “later this year”, likely to be in spring.

The technical preview, which allowed people to test out the new software before it was properly released, will come to an end of April 21. It’s unclear whether Windows 10 will be released before or after that — or even whether Microsoft knows for sure.

If you’re eager to get hold of the features early, then the technical preview could be the way. You can sign up at Microsoft’s website to be an “insider”, which gives you access to early versions of software.

Many of the features shown off at yesterday’s event will be released through the technical preview next week for the PC. And Microsoft will release the version of Windows 10 for phones for the first time shortly after that.

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