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YouTube could launch subscription video service for ad-free original content

YouTube could launch a video subscription service for its original content, according to new reports.

The company is exploring the possibility of launching a subscription service for video on-demand films, according to a report in Variety.

The service could be similar to YouTube Music Key, which launched last year. The service allows users to get rid of adverts by paying a fee.

The new service could include videos from YouTube vloggers and stars that would be produced by YouTube itself. It’s possible those videos would continue to be available for users that don’t sign up to the new service, but would be shown ads as they did so.

YouTube has been looking to see off competition from on-demand video services like Hulu, which offers the ability to watch TV and other content whenever users want.

Those services have been looking to lure YouTube stars onto the service, in the hope that their subscription models will allow for vloggers and others to make more money.

It would also allow YouTube to make more money from its model, which is rumoured to have been struggling to turn a profit for much of the time it has been owned by Google.

YouTube is slowly moving towards profitability, according to Variety, and the subscription service would further boost that work to monetise the popular video site.

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