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YouTube rolls out new video games app

By Martyn Landi

YouTube is launching a new app and website focused on video games, which will package trailers, live streams and other content into single pages for thousands of games.

The app will launch later this summer, and is looking to follow in the footsteps of live streaming site Twitch, where players broadcast their games live, and which has more than 100 million visitors a month.

Last year Twitch was purchased by Amazon for a figure of $970m (£626m).

YouTube is yet to confirm the launch date for the new app, but said it will roll out first in the US and UK.

The announcement comes just before one of the busiest weeks in the gaming calendar, with the E3 convention taking place next week; where the biggest titles of the next 12 months will be unveiled by the likes of Xbox and PlayStation.

The new video platform will be available as an app on mobile devices as well as a website on desktop, and is set to contain a dedicated page for more 25,000 games.

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