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16. Phoenix Natural Gas

  • Chief executive: Michael McKinstry
  • Pre-tax profit: £37.9m
  • Employment: 119
  • Pay bill: £5.7m

Phoenix Natural Gas is the main natural gas distribution and gas service business in Northern Ireland.

Since 1996 it has been introducing natural gas to a new market and establishing a strong and vibrant supporting industry.

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In the process, the group has gained an international reputation for its commercial and infrastructural development of natural gas in a ‘greenfield’ environment.

Shortlisted in the NI Responsible Company of the Year Award, sponsored by Heron Bros., Phoenix Natural Gas demonstrates positive impacts across its people, the planet and the places where it operates and advocates the benefits to encourage others to follow.

Michael McKinstry, Phoenix Natural Gas chief executive, said: “Since arriving in Northern Ireland just over 20 years ago, natural gas has lit up the path to a greener future for local energy consumers. Today, Phoenix provides over 220,000 households with an energy source that has removed over 7.5 million tonnes of CO2 from the environment, the equivalent carbon saving of 350,000 cars removed from Northern Ireland’s roads.”

Phoenix Natural Gas

197 Airport Road West



Tel: 03454 55 55 55