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29. Ballyvesey Holdings

Managing director: Wilson McClelland

Employment: 1,513

Turnover: £272.2m

Pre-tax profit: £5.5m

Ballyvesey Holdings is a diverse group of more than 26 companies in different parts of the freight transport business and vehicle sales. It now includes subsidiaries which are variously a recruitment agency in Poland, a local metal recycling business and a trailer manufacturer. Well-known names include Montgomery Transport and car retailers J E Coulter.

The group is owned by a local set of family shareholders and now has its headquarters in Doncaster. The trading network extends across Great Britain and Northern Ireland and into Europe.

Trading performance shows improved profitability against a background of only a small increase in turnover.

From 2005 to 2007 annual turnover was stable. Then in the next year it increased by 35% before falling back again in 2009 and 2010. In part the increase in 2008 may be attributed to the acquisition of Heathrow Truck Centre which added over £40m to turnover in 2008. However, the subsequent reduction may show the impact of the wider recession.

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607 Antrim Road


Northern Ireland

BT36 4RF

Tel: 028 9084 9321


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