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31. Dragonglass: Hilton

  • Area general manager: Mark Walker
  • Pre-tax profit: £15.4m
  • Employment: Not stated
  • Pay bill: Not stated

Dragonglass Belfast is the owner of the Hilton Belfast hotel, one of three hotels in the province operating under a Hilton brand.

According to the company’s accounts for 2017, it’s facing competitive risks from competitors opening new hotels or improving an existing hotel.

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And a strategic report filed with the accounts adds that its “subject to the cyclical nature of the hospitality and travel industry not just in its own market but those of its customers”.

The report also refers to the potential impact of Brexit. It says that Brexit may create global economic uncertainty, “which may cause our customers to closely monitor their costs and reduce their spending on travel and corporate events”.

Dragonglass: Hilton

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