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5. NIE Networks

  • Managing director: Paul Stapleton
  • Pre-tax profit: £68m
  • Employment: 1,203
  • Pay bill: £79m

NIE Networks, which is part of ESB, is the owner of the transmission and distribution networks in Northern Ireland and the distribution network operator, transporting electricity to over 860,000 customers including homes, businesses and farms.

The company continues to invest in the electricity network with significant upgrade and asset replacement projects taking place across Northern Ireland. Over the next five years the company will invest £277m in upgrade and maintenance of the network.

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NIE Networks also provides electricity meters and metering data to suppliers and market operators which is a key role in enabling wholesale and retail market competition. Their ongoing investment programme included the replacement of 43,000 meters in 2018 under the meter recertification programme. The overall renewable generation connected to the electricity network in Northern Ireland reached over 1.6GW last year with 200MW connected during 2018.

Through the employment of approximately 1,200 employees and payments to local businesses and authorities the company contributed over £151m to the Northern Ireland economy in 2018. A major focus for NIE Networks moving forward is to continue enabling Northern Ireland’s transition to a low carbon energy system. Managing director Paul Stapleton was appointed to the board in May last year. He is also a director of Energy Networks Association.

Northern Ireland Electricity Networks Limited

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Tel: 03457 643 643