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50. Andor Technology

  • Chief executive: Gary Wilmot
  • Pre-tax profit: £9.6m
  • Employment: 282
  • Pay bill: £14.9m

Andor Technology developed the world’s first scientific imaging camera in 1989.

Today with over 400 people in 16 offices worldwide, distributing products to over 10,000 customers in 55 countries, it says it continues to innovate in scientific solutions for life and physical science research.

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Andor’s range of high performance imaging solutions are widely regarded as the best in the industry, allowing the business to dominate many of its market segments.

The firm says its growth curve is fuelled by investment in people and a detailed strategy.

The business says its cameras have allowed researchers worldwide to “push the boundaries of discovery from the smallest particles to the furthest galaxies.”

Customers include Nobel-prize winners, with applications such as cancer research and astronomy.

Andor Technology

Springvale Business Park


BT12 7AL

Tel: 028 9023 7126