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53. Lagan Asphalt

  • Managing director: Aidan Mullan
  • Pre-tax profit: £9m
  • Employment: 107
  • Pay bill: £7.4m

Lagan Asphalt is a part of the former Lagan Group which has been acquired by the UK plc Breedon Group.

Aidan Mullan is the Northern Ireland managing director of Breedon.

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Lagan Asphalt Group Ltd has evolved from a successful quarrying company formed during the 1960s to become a diversified group of independent and privately-owned construction, manufacturing and civil engineering companies.

Investment in manufacturing plants, diversification, R&D, innovation and selective acquisitions has allowed its quality product range to grow continually over the last generation.

Lagan products include bitumen, asphalt, aggregates, special surfacing products, sand and screeds.



BT36 4TZ

Tel: 028 9026 1000