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56. Deka Energy Associates

  • Managing director: Michael Scott
  • Pre-tax profit: £8.6m
  • Employment: 101
  • Pay bill: £4.3m

firmus energy was initially awarded a licence to develop a ‘Ten Towns’ natural gas network in 2005 and has invested more than £150m in the NI economy, making natural gas available to over 120,000 homes and businesses.

firmus energy has laid over 1.3 million metres of natural gas network connecting over 43,000 customers in over 30 cities towns and villages.

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In addition to its network business firmus supplies natural gas to more than 93,000 business and domestic customers in its own network area along with the Greater Belfast and Gas To The West network.

The ambitious future development plans recently announced will include the investment of a further £50m in expanding its network.

firmus energy

Kilbegs Business Park


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