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71. Ulster Carpets

Managing Director: Nick Coburn

Employment: 515

Turnover: £51.5m

Pre-tax profit: £2.9m

In the financial year ending March 31 2011 Ulster Carpets posted a very significant increase improvement in profitability.

Whilst the global economy remained in a very weak state, Ulster Carpets enjoyed the benefits of its continued investment programme in all parts of the business during the 2008 and 2009 recession.

The investments in new export markets more than helped offset extremely weak conditions in the domestic market. The group’s Danish company achieved record profits for the year, focusing primarily on the Scandinavian and health care markets.

Despite the continued difficulties in all marekt sectors, the company has continued with its ambitious investment programme at its headquarters in Portadown and are optimistic of maintaining currrent profitabilty levels to fund the further growth and expansion of the company.

Contact Us

Castleisland Factory,


BT62 1EE

Tel: 028 3833 4433


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