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79. Belfast International Airport

  • Managing director: Graham Keddie
  • Pre-tax profit: £6.2m
  • Employment: 201
  • Pay bill: £9.9m

Belfast International Airport, which welcomed 5.8 million passengers in 2017, was sold to international outfit Vinci Airports last year.

But the airport has had a difficult 12 months, as it’s been dogged by delays for passengers going through security.

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It announced it would increase the number of security lanes from six to eight by Easter this year.

However, while work was taking place, the six current lanes were reduced to five. Long delays on one March morning led the airport to admit that it was “embarrassing and humiliating” for the airport to face a recurrence of the problem.

The airport is increasing its spend on facilities, with work starting on a new collection of restaurants and cafes for passengers, called Northern QTR.

Belfast International Airport

Airport Road

Belfast BT29 4AB

Tel: 028 9448 4848