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83. Viridian (excl. NIE)

Managing Director: Ian Thom

Employment: 357

Turnover: £1,808.2m

Pre-tax profit: £38.4m

The energy company entered a new phase in 2010 when it sold Northern Ireland Electricity plc (NIE) and linked businesses, including NIE Powerteam and Powerteam Electrical Services, to Irish stateowned company Electricity Supply Board (ESB) for £1.2bn. Since the disposal, Viridian has focused on its significant generation interests and electricity and gas supply businesses.

Viridian Power & Energy owns two modern combined cycle gas turbines at Huntstown in Dublin and is developing its renewable energy portfolio through off-take contracts with third party developers together with investment in its own windfarm assets.

Energia is the largest independent supply business with around 29% share of the business electricity market and around 13% share of the gas market on an allisland basis.

Viridian also owns NIE Energy Supply (or Power NI), the regulated electricity supplier in Northern Ireland, which supplies 777,000 residential and business customers in NI.

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