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Northern Ireland’s Top 50 Employers 2019

Northern Ireland's most profitable companies are revealed
Northern Ireland's most profitable companies are revealed

The Belfast Telegraph Top 100 Companies 2019 in association with Arthur Cox has been published.

This year we also list our Top 50 biggest employers, including supermarkets Tesco and Asda.

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The list of the Top 100 companies is drawn from the financial results for Northern Ireland registered companies. It does not include performance information for businesses doing business in Northern Ireland but as part of a UK-based organisation since there are no published Northern Ireland results.

Through the Equality Commission, details are published of the numbers employed by all private sector businesses (employing more than 25 people). There were, in the last report from the Equality Commission, 15 businesses which employed more than 2,100 people.

In a year by year comparison, the numbers employed by these larger businesses have reflected trends from the wider economy. Retailing in the big groups has shown further expansion which may not be continuing in 2019. Private sector service providers have tended to reduce their employment.