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Powerful performance by top local companies

Welcome to the Belfast Telegraph Northern Ireland’s Top 100 Companies magazine, the definitive guide to the province’s biggest companies.

The special analysis of Ulster’s leading companies, chiefly through their activities in 2007, once again shows that the private sector economy is thriving.

The newspaper’s annual scrutiny of employment numbers, turnover and pretax profits of the province’s top companies shows that during 2007 and into the early part of 2008 our top firms performed well. Apart from identifying and placing in order the top 100 companies in Northern Ireland, the publication also looks at key aspects of Ulster’s economy.

With so much activity on the retail front, we examine the impact of the opening of the £400m Victoria Square centre in Belfast and the new Ikea store at Hollywood Exchange. In an uncertain economic climate, Invest NI reminds companies that exports are still the key to success. And we focus on the big challenge – whether the private sector can play a more significant role in steering Northern Ireland into a bright new future.

Leading Northern Ireland economist John Simpson, who compiles the listings on behalf of The Belfast Telegraph each year, provides expert analysis on the leading players in the corporate sector. We also features Northern Ireland’s energy sector and the rapid expansion of air links to the continent and further afield.

Northern Ireland’s construction industry is in the spotlight as well, with a look ahead to the Government’s plans for boosting the infrastructure. I hope you enjoy reading your copy of The Belfast Telegraph Northern Ireland’s Top 100 Companies magazine, published in association with Bank of Scotland (Ireland).

Martin Lindsay
Editor, Belfast Telegraph

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