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Top 100 Northern Ireland Companies 2015

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We are delighted to present you with a new take on company performance in Northern Ireland.

Economist John Simpson has assessed our biggest companies on the basis of pre-tax profits - a new approach after decades of the Belfast Telegraph Top 100 ranking firms in order of size of their workforce - view them all below.

We think our new ways throws up some interesting results, and brings to the fore thriving indigenous firms in many different sectors. Some of them - interestingly concentrated in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors - are proudly independent and have vowed to remain so. Others are part of larger, international companies - an important cohort in our economy which we were anxious to include.

Companies are included where they have a Northern Ireland-registered company and are able to provide a figure for pre-tax profits - with one or two exceptions explained by Mr. Simpson, who has also extracted figures for each company's pay bill.

You'll notice some striking differences in this years chart compared to last year. There are many absences, most markedly the big multiple retailers, who previously dominated the Top 20 due to their sheer number of employees. Their absence this year has brought many other interesting businesses who are spread around the province into the limelight - from the Finnish-owned egg carton manufacturer in Lurgan to the doormaker in Dungannon.

We hope you enjoy the publication and that it provides useful reading material in the year ahead.

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