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Top tech report praises IT firm as 'true innovator'

An emotion analytics company based in Belfast has received praise in a global IT report for its customer experience (CX) software techniques.

Adoreboard, based in University Street, was credited for the methods it uses by the Forrester Report, a highly-regarded American market research company.

Adoreboard, which provides software solutions and "decision-ready insights" to brands including Unilever and Three was described as a "true innovator" in the report for its artificial intelligence.

Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis, global chief analytics officer of Wunderman, who have been applying Adoreboard's Emotics solution worldwide, said: "When it comes to harnessing emotion to improve customer experience, Adoreboard is a true innovator.

"We believe data should lead to deeper understanding of consumer emotion and motivation.

"The decision-ready insights Adoreboard provides are a great complement to our work in delivering experiences for consumers in the moments that matter most to them."

The Forrester report, written by analyst Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, said the company's emotion analysis "uses common sense reasoning with affective computing".

"With mass-market products and services becoming increasingly commoditised, customer experience is the new competitive battleground for brands and enterprises," said Michael Crossey, board member and director at Adoreboard.

"Adoreboard reveals highly detailed, often previously unknown issues that impact customer experience, allowing executives to take immediate action to fix current problems, and prioritise CX investments for maximum business impact over the medium to long term," he added.

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