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Aircraft industry records surge in demand for jets


Report: Paul Everitt

Report: Paul Everitt

Chris Mann www.chrismannphoto.co

Report: Paul Everitt

A surge in demand for single-aisle planes has helped make January the strongest month for aircraft orders on record, according to a report today.

Industry body ADS said there were 296 new aircraft orders during January, more than five times the number in January 2019. Single-aisle planes - such as the Airbus A220, the wings of which are made in Belfast - made up nearly all the total at 285 craft.

ADS chief executive Paul Everitt said: "Global demand for advanced, modern and increasingly fuel-efficient aircraft remains strong, and manufacturers are working hard to raise production rates and meet customers' expectations.

"While volatility and international headwinds remain in the aerospace market at the outset of 2020, manufacturers are expecting a return to growth in deliveries, which are worth billions of pounds to UK industry annually.

"The UK aerospace industry is focussed on boosting its competitiveness and addressing the challenge posed by climate change by developing advanced new technology."

He said the ADS had urged the government to help industry tackle the challenges in next month's Budget. ADS also said the backlog of orders had risen above 14,000 again to hit 14,1914, with a value to UK industry of £212bn.

"This backlog can bring optimism in the coming years and this confidence is matched by manufacturers' intentions to increase their production rates as work-in-hand continues to grow."

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