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First details of new Dyson electric car made public

By Henry Saker-Clark

The first details of Dyson's first electric car have emerged, as the vacuum cleaner-maker looks to take on the likes of Tesla.

Plans for the car, which will be "entirely designed, manufactured and sold" by the company, are on track for a launch in 2021, Sir James Dyson confirmed.

In a letter to staff, the entrepreneur said the car will contain "fundamentally new technologies and make some inventive leaps".

A number of patents for new cars have been issued, although the drawings "don't reveal what the vehicle will really look like or what it will do", Sir James said, as he called on staff to keep key details secret.

Advances have been made in the aerodynamics, efficiency and vehicle architecture of the car, he added.

The first patents were filed 18 months ago and have been made public for the first time.

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