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GKN accuses Melrose of trying to buy it ‘on the cheap’

Melrose disclosed formal terms of its offer to the market on Thursday.

GKN shares price increase
GKN shares price increase

GKN has accused Melrose of trying to buy the group “on the cheap” as it rejected the latest overtures from the turnaround specialist, which is pursuing a £7.4 billion takeover of the engineering giant.

In the latest back and forth between the companies, Melrose disclosed formal terms of its offer to the market on Thursday, which includes a pledge to “simplify and declutter” GKN while creating an ”engineering and industrial powerhouse worth over £10 billion”.

In a letter to investors from Melrose chairman Christopher Miller, the group also promised to plough £150 million into GKN‘s pension scheme amid concerns the takeover would saddle the business with a higher and potentially unsustainable debt burden.

“This is the highest price that GKN has ever traded in the past 10 years,” Mr Miller said of the 418.3p offer.

However, the latest charm offensive was swiftly knocked back by GKN, which described its offer as “derisory”.

GKN boss Anne Stevens said: “This offer is derisory. Melrose is trying to buy GKN on the cheap and with GKN’s own money, just at the point when our company is beginning to reap the benefits of its long-term investments.

“GKN’s new leadership team is committed to maximising shareholder value.

“We are excited about presenting ‘Project Boost’ and our wider transformation plan to shareholders in the next two weeks.

“We will show how we expect to deliver a step-change in operational performance and financial returns, based on real engineering not financial engineering. We remain committed to separation at the right time.”

GKN, which manufactures aerospace and automotive parts, has previously claimed the US suitor had made “fake” claims and “misleading statements”.

The group said earlier this month that Melrose’s offer represents a “fake premium”.

Melrose has swooped on GKN, which employs 58,200 people, after profit warnings in October and November following problems at its US aerospace division sent shares tumbling.

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