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Ireland 'could be centre for resolving EU legal disputes'


‘Prime destination’: Mark Walsh

‘Prime destination’: Mark Walsh

‘Prime destination’: Mark Walsh

The Irish legal system could become the "jurisdiction of choice" for dispute resolution in the EU following the UK's departure from the trading bloc, it's been claimed.

Mark Walsh, the head of Irish law firm Eugene F Collins, said that Ireland's legal system is now unique within the EU after the UK left the EU last week.

"The Irish common law system is now the only one of its kind within the EU and that makes Ireland a prime destination for dispute resolution in the aftermath of Brexit," he said.

That echoes comments made by Ireland's chief justice Frank Clarke in 2018 when he also said Ireland could become an international centre for dispute resolution following Brexit. For international litigation, Ireland's English-speaking common law system combined with its recognition in the EU could be increasingly attractive in disputes.

The common law system in use in Ireland sees courts rely on precedence, where it exists, to resolve cases where plaintiffs and defendants disagree over what the law is.

The system is also used in the UK, US, Australia and some other countries outside the EU.

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