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Ryanair pilots 'urged to reject new pay deal'

By John Mulligan

Ryanair pilots at Madrid have been urged by a new European Employee Representation Committee to reject a pay offer presented to them by the airline this week.

The Ryanair pilot committee claimed the offer was “riddled with fine-print clauses and conditions”. The European Employee Representation Committee (EERC) also claimed that Ryanair pilots at Bucharest have rejected a new pay offer from the airline. The pay offer comes as Ryanair management deals with the fall-out of a pilot rostering failure that saw it cancel thousands of flights and ground some aircraft in coming months.

Ryanair management has traditionally sought to secure deals with company-established employee representation committees at each of its bases across Europe. The airline has almost 90 bases. But pilots have been attempting to create an EERC as they drive towards unionisation at the airline. The EERC wants the airline to deal with it as the representative body for all ERCs.

Last week, Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary told pilots in a letter that Ryanair management would refuse to deal with the EERC.

Ryanair pilots have joined unions, including the British Airline Pilots’ Association and the Irish Airline Pilots’ Union, in significant numbers during the past few weeks.

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