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Ryanair 'sowing division' in union talks

By John Mulligan

Ryanair engaged in a "negative" start to talks with unions and focused on "creating distractions and sowing seeds of division", a council established to represent its pilots across Europe has claimed.

In a letter to the airline's chief operations officer, Peter Bellew, the EERC (European Employee Representative Council), warned that the firm's continuing approach would "encourage rather than slow down the exodus from our company".

Ryanair dramatically announced days before Christmas it would recognise pilot and other unions across Europe.

However, in tandem with engaging with unions, it has been pushing through pay agreements at a number of bases.

While trade unions in countries including Ireland, Italy, the UK, Spain, Germany and Portugal have established Ryanair councils under the EERC's auspices, Ryanair has always refused to recognise the group, which aims to act as a pan-European council for the pilots.

The airline claimed yesterday that the group had "no legal validity or standing" and that it would "continue to ignore the so-called EERC, which represents nobody and speaks for no Ryanair pilots".

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