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Unions warn bad bosses against 'nasty little schemes'

Bad bosses are treating staff as "throwaway workers with throwaway rights" as exploitation continues across industries, a union leader has warned.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said people were left waiting by the phone hoping for work just as dockers once waited by the quayside.

She told the TUC Congress in Brighton: "No regular hours means scrambling to pay bills and rent and the boss doesn't even need to go to the bother of sacking you.

"When he can deactivate you by app.

"Precious little dignity or control, treated as throwaway workers with throwaway rights."

She warned bad bosses their "nasty little schemes " will be exposed by unions.

"Either you sit at the table with us and work out a better deal for your workers or we'll see you in court and in the front pages."

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